3 Common Roofing Myths You Should Ignore

Having a roof on your head is something people talk about a lot. But sadly, this phrase only reflects a roof’s figurative importance. Generally, most people completely overlook a roof’s practical function or its problems.

This unawareness has given birth to lots of misconceptions about roofs, roof repairs and replacements, and other roof-related issues and services.

But one thing you’ve probably heard—and we’re sad to inform you is true—is that roofs are expensive, so it’s important to ignore roofing myths and reach out to knowledgeable and reliable roofing companies for roofing services.

Here are some of the myths that could cost you a lot.

Myth No. 1: You Can Install A New Roof Over Your Old One

Reality: When it comes to roof replacements, there’s a lot you can do—but of course, as roofing experts, we must tell you the things you shouldn’t do, one of which is installing new shingles over old ones.

Roofs are designed to bear only so much weight, and an entirely new layer of shingles might be pushing it too far. The added burden could cause structural damage to your roof and the home, and your entire roof could collapse.

So, while you may save a few bucks by taking this shortcut, it’s very likely that it’ll cost you a lot more later on.

Myth No. 2: There’s No Need To Replace A Roof Until It Appears Worn

Reality: This is another myth we often hear when we tell homeowners that their roofs need to be replaced. A worn roof isn’t the only indication of roof issues—in fact, it might be the last sign before you’re forced to act.

From leaks to hidden damage, a lot could go wrong with a roof, and it may not be apparent at surface level. So, if you are advised a roof replacement after a close professional inspection, it’s best to act quickly before facing a bigger issue with your roof.

Myth No. 3: Metal Roofs Aren’t Great For Winters

A metal roof

Reality: A quick Google search could tell you that this myth has no logical basis. Your home’s energy efficiency depends on the insulation, not on your roof. Just like other roofs, metal roofs require insulation as well.

If you’re worried about winter, what you need to be looking at isn’t the roof but your attic’s insulation.

And while we’re at it, we have to say that metal roofs are an excellent choice, and if you’re looking for relatable metal roofers, you should reach out to us at Residential Specialties in Garner, NC.

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