Shingles on a roof

4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof Shingles

Sometimes a roof can naturally reach the end of its life, and sometimes, it’s accelerated by weather elements and external damage. But either way, roof maintenance is part of the package when you own a house.

You need to pay special attention to your roof because it protects your home from external elements and water damage. But your roof will begin to show signs of damage over the years that you need to address immediately to prolong its life. And if you ignore the signs for too long, you might need roof replacement services.

Here are some signs you need to replace your shingles and get roof repair services:

Water Damage In The Attic

Attics are normally dusty spaces that are ignored for the most part. But as a homeowner, you should keep an eye on your attic and ceiling for any water damage. If you see any dark brown stains, peeling paint on the wall and ceiling, then this could indicate that you have a leakage in your roof.

You’re undoubtedly the first line of defense to spot roof damage, but call a professional to have your shingles replaced. Act fast because water damage can shift the shingles from their place and cause some structural damage that professional roofers should handle.

Curled And Buckled Shingles

When you see curled or buckled shingles on your roof, it means that they are not properly attached to your roof anymore and have sustained damage. The curved shingles can be further damaged by strong winds during a storm, causing them to lift under a draft and completely fly off, causing damage to the surrounding shingles. Your roofing company might decide to replace those shingles only or call for complete roof replacement due to a larger problem

Missing Granules Or Shingles

Strong winds and thunderstorms can put a strain on your roof structure, and the shingles and high winds can cause your shingles to chip and break or completely fall off. So, your roofers might decide to replace the missing shingles depending on the damage to the surrounding shingles.

Moss, Fungi, And Mold Build-Up

If a fungus and moss forest has taken over your roof, it can ruin your shingles and roof structure. Because these plants thrive on moisture, and if you have them growing on your roof, it can either mean moisture damage or structural damage in certain areas. You might be tempted to go up on your roof and start scrubbing with a brush. But let the professional handle the inspection and advise on the next step.

Roofer building a roof

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