Roof gutter filled with snow

4 Ways Cleaning Gutter Systems Can Protect Your Roof

As the seasons change and leaves shed, it’s common to find debris and other gunk in your roof gutters when you don’t have gutter guards in place. Leaves, twigs, nests can often lead your gutters to clog as soon as the rainy season approaches.

You must make it a point to clean your gutters every season and before the rains arrive because a clogged gutter can cause roof leakages and cause water to infiltrate your home. Also, consider installing gutter guards and helmets to protect your roof from unnecessary debris build-up and stop leaves and twigs from invading the water passage.

Here are some ways cleaning a gutter system can protect your roof:

Prevent Water Damage

When critters make their nest in your roof gutters, or when fallen leaves and twigs accumulate in the passage over time, the debris build-up can cause blockages. Also, during the winter season, ice dam development can clog up your gutter. All these factors can lead to water damage to your roof and cause water leakage inside your house walls.

Avoid Extensive Maintenance

If you have an efficient gutter system with gutter guards in place, you won’t have to clean it as often you would have to without gutter guards. Also, cleaning out the gutters can be dangerous for you to do yourself, as you’ll have to climb up to your roof to clean the debris. But with proper gutter guards and helmets, you’ll only have to wipe off leaves and twigs on the top of the guard and avoid extensive gutter maintenance and roof repairs.

Prevent Vegetation Growth

When you mix water, leaves, twigs, and dirt, what do you get? Algae and vegetation growth.

Also, when squirrels and small animals take refuge in gutter crevices, they often leave behind seeds and food that can result in flower growth or foliage creeping up like vines along the sides of your roof. Cleaning your gutter will prevent these plants from invading your roof and home and causing structural and surface damage.

Increases Your Roof Lifespan

Want to make sure your roof remains safe and sound through the seasons? That’s why gutter cleaning is an important service that prolongs your roof’s life. During the winter, ice can get trapped and add weight to your roof damage the structure. Also, clogged gutters don’t transport water properly that can leak inside your roof causing water to drip into your home from the ceiling.

Roof gutter above a house window

Cleaning your gutter can help you extend your roof’s life and add to your comfort. If you’re looking for affordable roof repairs for your home, the Residential Specialties can help you out!

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