A crack shingle on an asphalt shingle roof.

How Proper Maintenance Can Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Roofing a house is expensive, and that is why you need to ensure that the installed roof on your house retains its integrity for as long as possible. Replacing a roof after major damage is an additional cost that can be avoided if proper roof maintenance measures are taken. This blog will discuss how regularly maintaining your roof can increase its life expectancy and save you money.

Roof Inspection

Regularly inspecting your roof ensures that any minor damages are handled properly. This is important because an already damaged roof will not hold up well during extreme weather events and become irreparably damaged. After this, replacing the roof is less expensive than repairing the old one, but it could be avoided with proper roof maintenance done earlier.

Replacing Roof Shingles

Summer heat can cause shingles on your roof to unbuckle and come loose which exposes your houses to waters leaks and mold growth. Popped seams and loose screws of the roof structure can be easily replaced when they are small in number.

You can call professional roof repairing services in North Carolina to take care of minor roof damage. The professionals also point out any obscure damage to the roof that does not meet the eye. This increases the roof’s life expectancy as it keeps heat and moisture out of your house and protects the roof’s structures from further damage.

Regularly Cleaning Gutters And Cutting Tree Branches

Gutters on the sides of the roof’s edges often collect water and debris, causing damage to the attached roof structures because of their weight. Corrosion of the roofing material and rust developing on metals are also caused by suspended water when the gutters are clogged.

Proper roof maintenance includes looking after the gutters and cleaning them regularly, which results in a longer life expectancy for both the gutters and the roof.


Solar panel being installed on a roof.

Installing insulation on your roof not only makes your energy consumption efficient but also protects your roof from water and heat damage. Metallic shingles can expand and contract with temperature changes which causes them to come loose from the roof structure. In a cold climate, ice dams can cause water to seep under the shingles and cause leaks if no insulating material protects them from the ice. Insulating your roof can protect it from weather damage.

Now that you know proper roof maintenance is important for the life expectancy of roofs, we recommend consulting a professional roofing company to inspect your roof to avoid missing any minor damages that can become problematic with time.

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